Development Process

Machine Control

To create a realtime experience for the user to view the appliance status, MQTT was decided to be integrated. The app subscribes to the topics that broadcast user’s machine information and receives instantaneous data about the appliance status and populates the appliance dashboard screen. The user thus has up-to-date information about their connected appliance.

Registering complaints

The user can register complaint for any of their appliances. For enabling this, when the user signs into the app, the server automatically fetches the details about the IFB appliances owned by the user. The app also informs the user about errors in their connected appliance automatically and prompts the user to send the error details to the customer care.


User engagement

In order to create user engagement, the user is presented with latest recipes and stain tips exclusively from IFB Appliances. These are recipes that are tested and tried at IFB’s own kitchen. The stain tips and washing updates are similar to 5 minute hacks that the users can employ in their daily lives. Also, in order to increase userbase, a referral program is also integrated.


Technology Stack

Our team worked on this project using the below technologies

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