OneSign-Digital Approval System, Automate your workflow

OneSign-Digital Approval System is an efficient and secure platform to implement request-approval flow in an organisation. The system intends to ease the request creation process as well as the request examination and approval process.

Reduce lengthy email threads

OneSign-Digital Approval System reduces the use of long email threads and reply-to-alls that lose track somewhere and end up without achieving the intended results.

Hierarchical approvals

The request hierarchy can be set by you depending on the type of your request. The system shall send the request to each signatory in the preset hierarchy and notify you once your request is approved.

Horizontal approvals

In case your request requires approval from several signatories in the same horizontal hierarchy, all you need to do is to add them like-wise. The system will get approvals from all signatories in the same level before forwarding to the next hierarchy level.

Secure files

You can rest assured that all supporting files attached by you are saved securely and no file is shared out of the system.

Approve from anywhere, everywhere

If your signatory is not at their desk, you can ask the system to forward the request to their email. The signatory can approve the request right from the email with a single click. This saves you time from having to wait until your signatory is back from a week-long vacation.

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