Chatbots – The Savior of your Business

Chatbots deliver people-first interactivity to engage your audience and help boost your customer service efficiency. They work round-the-clock providing increased service user-experience for your customers. With data rich chatbots, your audience will not even realize that they are interacting with a bot.

Round-the-clock customer service for better results

Our chatbots work 24x7 to engage your audience and deliver fruitful business results.

Engage to excite

Chatbots appeal to the curiosity factor in your customers thereby creating more conversation than possible by a human in the same time. Same is the case with customers who prefer to chat rather than talk to a human agent.

Lower costs

Maintaining a manned customer care service 24x7 is a costly affair. You will need a minimum of 3 service persons working round the clock to maintain it to handle two customers at once at best. Chatbots are cheaper to setup, reside in the cloud and you can monitor them even from your phone and they can handle virtually infinite number of customers simultaneously.

Consistency and efficiency

Chatbots, even if they are online 24x7, provide consistent replies as they have been trained. The more it is trained, the better it gets at its job. The more customers it talks to, the more it learns. You just have to provide the initial training material, just like how you’d do for your customer care persons.

Upsell and cross-sell

Your ecommerce bot can not only answer your customer’s queries but can recommend products to your customers, just like your sales person. This increases your chance of a higher revenue.

Customer service bots

Your first line of customer service can be automated to the best extent by use of chatbots that guide users through trouble shooting steps before redirecting to a human agent for posting a complaint or providing more advice.

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