5 Reasons You Are not Getting Enough Traffic to Your Website

Reasons you are not Getting enough traffic To your website

Did you launch a brand new website, but didn’t receive inbound queries and sales as expected? Or you are someone who has been checking their Google Analytics and noticed your web traffic isn’t as great as it once was. Then you are at the right place. Getting traffic to your website with so much competition on the web is not a small feat. A lot of factors contribute to web traffic and in this post we will be explaining five of them.


Have you checked if your website has poor SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps people find your website organically on search engines. Your website should show up when people search for terms related to your industry. Not only should your web content be optimized, your back end should also be search engine optimized so that you appear in results on search engines. (Note that we are not including the paid ads in this but, the organic results on search engines.) Also, set up a Google My Business account for your website.


They say content is king and it is true. Gone are the days when people could trick search engines by providing some backlinks in your content. Most of the search engines including Google now can recognize good content. If you provide value to your users via the content, they will appreciate it. Social media plays an indirect role in this. Good content will perform well in different social media channels and it will drive traffic to your website. A good content means it is fresh, original and satisfies all SEO content tips. Remember that it is difficult to rank higher even with quality content if your website is new since there will be older websites with similar content already.


It is pretty easy to make mistakes with keywords. If you are using only popular keywords, it is difficult to achieve good ranking because the competition would be too high. You have to keep in mind that there are only 10 places in the first page of SERPs for each keyword. If your website is new or if your website is less trusted than other websites which uses the same keyword, then your ranking will be lower. The best solution is to use long tail keywords with less competition.


Page speed is a factor which affects your website ranking. It is known that users visit websites multiple times if they know that the website loads faster. And they are bound to leave if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load a website. Even if your ranking is good, if your website loads slower and users leave midway, it is not good for your sales in the long run. Make sure you increase your page speed and this will in turn increase your rankings and bring more traffic to your website which you can convert into sales.


If your website has technical issues, that can reduce the traffic too. Make sure that your website is crawlable and that you do not have any malicious code, broken images/ links on the website. You can use Google Webmaster to find the status about indexing and crawling of your website. Resolve issues as soon as possible.


Websites should get enough traffic from search engines, social media, direct visits, etc in order to increase sales. If that is not happening, it is time to check where you went wrong and fix it as soon as possible. With the increase in smartphone users, the usage of internet has also increased and the possibility of more people visiting your website is also high. If you are facing any issue with your website traffic, check for the above points. Also, feel free to get in touch with us to help you with SEO and website marketing or to help you fix any of the above issues. We would be happy to help.


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