#Avengers4Alexander – Early screening of Endgame for a Marvel fan with Terminal Cancer


Cancer is always scary & one of the worst situations you can be in. Being hit with three kinds– liver cancer, mouth cancer, and bone marrow failure – at the same time is simply terrifying. Alexander (u/alexander_q) was dealt a bad hand by fate and his doctors that he probably has 1-2 months left to live. Alexander is an avid Marvel Comics fan and he was looking forward to watching Avengers: Endgame, the last edition of the Avengers series by Marvel, which is releasing in April.

Now, while anyone else would be disappointed and counting their days, Alexander decided to deal with this in a different way. He wanted to tick the movie off his bucket list and reached out to the Reddit community of Marvel with his situation explained in a post titled “Dying Before April: My Endgame”.

Reddit exploded. Thousands of users came in support for Alexander. They took to Twitter and reached out to the cast and crew of the movie demanding an early screening of the movie for Alexander. A hashtag “#Avengers4Alexander” was created and was trending.

In an update, Alexander wrote that someone who was connected to the decision makers at Marvel informed him that the higher-ups at Marvel were notified of this. And later, as a fourth update to the post, Alexander wrote “We did it Reddit. Disney has reached out and we are discussing options. I cried when I read their email. It’s everything I hoped for and I owe it to all of you.”

Later, Alexander tweeted that he hopes to preview the eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, also debuting in April, but is wary of appearing “greedy.”

Our thoughts are with Alexander at this difficult situation and we hope he gets to fulfill his bucket list.


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