Build your own Uber for any Deliverable Service


Uber was founded in 2009 and quickly went on to become the go-to transportation service and was rated as the 2nd most disruptive company in 2018 by CNBC. Have you ever wondered if you could start a business like Uber? If yes, this is the right place to gain some information about how you can go about that. Uber like businesses are called ‘Uber for X’ where X stands for any deliverable service in the market. Customers place orders via mobile apps or websites and connect with service providers. The provider accepts the requests and delivers the service. It is quite simple. But, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind while building your own ‘Uber for X’ business. 

The business model

It is a simple two-sided marketplace. Users generate the demand and the providers supply it. Your business will act as a facilitator by providing a convenient platform for the users and providers. To prevent the users and providers from working with each other directly, you can collect a fee. Your business should offer a unique value proposition to both the users and the providers. The users need to find the service you are offering affordable and at the same time the providers should find it profitable enough to work with. 

Let’s find out how Uber does it. Uber partners with the drivers instead of owning a fleet of cars. Uber charges the rider a nominal amount for the ride, a fee from the driver, small fee for ride cancellations, and promotional partnerships. Below are the advantages the riders and drivers get from using Uber services.    

Advantages for the rider

  • Convenience 
  • Real-time tracking
  • No long waits
  • Exact ETAs 
  • Upfront pricing
  • Payment options
  • Riding options

  Advantages for the driver

  • Main/Additional income source
  • Work on own terms
  • Help with car loans
  • Reduce idle time between customers
  • Training sessions
  • Better trip allocations

Uber for X can be implemented for numerous services. Few examples are delivery services including food and packages, medical consulting, logistics, education services like private coaching, chores like housekeeping, dog walking, babysitting, etc. 

Things to keep in mind while starting an Uber for X business

  • Do market research
  • Choose your business and revenue model
  • Finalize the legal matters
  • Figure out the MVP features
  • Decide how to Market

Features to be implemented while making the platform

For your platform, your MVP would require an app for the providers, an app for the users and an admin panel. Let’s check out the Uber app as an example. 

Features for the rider app

  • Schedule trip
  • Favourite destinations
  • Payment options
  • Trip history
  • Review drivers

Features for the driver app

  • Route selection
  • Trip history
  • Review rider
  • SOS contacts
  • Referral

Features for the admin panel

  • Manually assign trip
  • Fare management
  • Driver transaction details
  • User Interactive dashboard
  • Customize commission
  • Admin reports

At SectorQube, we would be happy to help you build your on-demand platform. Below, you can find the process we follow to ensure a perfect result. 

  • Requirement Analysis

Here we get to know your requirement, analyze the current scenario, study competition and research and provide a solution. 

  • Wireframing and Design

At this stage, we provide the wireframe and design for each screen for the solution we suggest. We share the design with you and move ahead upon confirmation. 

  • Development and Testing

We develop a platform based on the requirement and share the build. We move ahead upon receiving feedback and test the platform for all possible scenarios. 

  • Deployment

We deploy the apps to the respective stores and your server and make the platform available to your customers. 

We use the following technology stack to build an Uber for X platform. 


If you would like to know the timeline and cost for developing an Uber for X platform, feel free to contact us here. It is time for you to be the next top disruptor. 


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