COVID-19: SectorQube launches CoGun- A keychain tool to keep your hands safe


This year has been quite a rollercoaster ride for all of us and we aren’t even done with half the year yet. COVID-19 has impacted us globally. Governments across countries are enforcing lockdowns as part of social distancing hoping that it will help curb the spread of the virus. We hope that such measures help us flatten the curve and we can go back to living normally. Well, a new normal anyway. We are pretty sure that we are all going to be wary of what we touch in the near future even if the lockdown is lifted. Think of some essential activities we do like pushing door handles, pressing lift buttons, pressing switches and buttons, operating ATM and POS machines, etc. All these activities require us to touch the surfaces. We do not know if the surface we touch may contain the virus or not. Germs can transfer to your hands and then into your body causing infections, including COVID-19. It is better to be safe than sorry and have preventive measures in place.

Since the Coronavirus started, we have been thinking of ways to help curb the spread of the virus. We recently launched CoGun, a keychain tool to help keep your hands safe from the virus. Now you don’t need to worry while doing the activities mentioned above. You can use a CoGun to safely touch these surfaces. We at SectorQube launched CoGun as part of a series of innovations taking place at Maker Village in line with an emerging national focus on indigenisation. CoGun has a simple design, is affordable and the small size allows it to be carried in a pocket. You can order CoGun at for Rs 149. Check out our video about CoGun below.

During these trying times, let us help our loved ones and ourselves by being safer. Keep practising social distancing and make sure that you are safe when you go out to get your essentials. After all, they say ‘Prevention is better than cure’.


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