Guide to Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

You have a brilliant idea you feel would be great if made into an application. However, you do not have the right team to develop it or your team size is too small. If you are at this point, outstaffing is the best option for you. If you want to keep your development costs at a minimum and make the process faster, the best solution is outstaffing. This post will act as a guide to hire the best-dedicated development team and how it works.

Dedicated Development Team Model

A company hires employees who work remotely to complete a specific project or task. A contract will be signed between the company and the employees which will cover all details like the project description, requirements, timelines, estimate, etc. Once the project commences, the remote team becomes a part of the company and once the project is completed, their participation ends.

There are two types of employees a company can hire when it comes to this model. Freelancers and a dedicated team. Freelancers will only help, with say, a specific task. However, a dedicated team can help with the end to end development of the project and often works as a unit. It is good to hire a dedicated team if you are looking at a long-term project. However, if it is a short-term project, you can go ahead with freelancers.

Advantages of hiring a Dedicated Development Team include:

  • Development cost is lesser
  • Team will have experts
  • The team will have good communication and management skills

When should you be hiring a Dedicated Development Team?

Here are a couple of scenarios where you can hire a dedicated team.

  • When your digital team/ development team is small
  • If your own development team is involved in a project
  • Your local digital development cost is high
  • When you need an expert
  • If you have an idea and you need a team to implement it
  • When there is a shortage of time

There are two ways in which you can hire a dedicated team: directly or hire a service provider to hire a team for you. And you can interview them either telephonically or via video call. Below are some of the criteria to keep in mind while hiring:

  • Portfolio – Make sure that the team you are hiring have good works in their portfolio
  • Cost – Check for the hourly rates
  • Reviews – Customer feedback is important
  • Number of members – Check how many people are available in the team and what their roles and niche are
  • Skillset – Check for the teams expertise
  • Language – Make sure that the team are good at communicating
  • Timezone – Check if the timezone works for you and if the team has good project management skills even if the timezone is different


It requires a lot of time, effort and money to grow your team or business. An in-house team takes some time to be created. The best solution to grow your company in less time and cost is to hire a dedicated development team. And once you hire the team, you can use tools to track their progress. We hope that we have helped you understand how to pick the right team and grow your business. Good luck!


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