How Can eCommerce Add Value to Your Business


The impact of COVID 19 on small businesses has been huge. It stands as a threat to many small businesses around the globe as they are on the verge of shutting down. Small businesses have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which has frightened customers into their homes, terrified of going out.

So, is there any way for the survival of small business in these turbulent times? We would say “Yes!”  For this, we would like to propose a way out of the economic crisis which is even stronger than before: by creating an e-commerce website. And this will help you keep the cash flowing in easily by building a website for your company on digital commerce. It’s cost-effective, smart, and can be done in a few days.

Impact of COVID-19 on businesses

Travel restrictions, social-distancing measures, and large-scale quarantines have led to a drop in consumer spending.  Consumers are staying at home, businesses are losing income and laying off workers and unemployment is rising sharply.

Some industries went through more devastating losses than others. The travel industry has been damaged, and so have restaurants and hotels. Restaurant reservations have almost collapsed completely in many countries. Depending on how the pandemic ends, it’s highly likely that many months after it’s done, companies of all sizes will feel the economic side-effects.

Growth of eCommerce amidst the crisis

Most small business owners are fearful of their corporate future. Around 50% of them have already encountered a low demand from clients, and some are uncertain about their financial future. As a result, many small businesses are, for an uncertain period, shutting their doors. Most may never reopen.

If you’re a small business owner, the key to retaining your customers and growing your business could be opening an online store. This trend is gaining more prominence during this economic crisis. A significant number of small businesses are introducing their online stores to the public. Others already have an online presence, but they’re now learning to navigate the eCommerce space.

With a successful online business in place, there’s a high chance that once the pandemic passes, your business will still be alive.

Benefits of having an eCommerce Store

Shop from anywhere, anytime

By creating an online store you’re making it easy and convenient for customers to shop for your products. People can easily add to an online cart whatever product they want, and make a purchase, all done with a few mouse clicks.

Cost-effective and scalability

One of the greatest benefits of online shopping is that you can scale up your online store. In other words, instead of selling only locally, you can expand your business to sell to other cities, towns or even countries

Maintain relationship with old customers

To keep your business afloat you always need to keep up your relationship with your customers. Many businesses have closed their doors in these challenging times, with plans to reopen once the pandemic stops. But even if you reopen, who can guarantee that all your customers are coming back. Perhaps some of them will start buying products from your competitors which will beat you to the bush and create an online shop.

Give them the ability to access your products online to stay ahead of your rivals, and remain valuable to your customers. It will let them know that you care about them and that you want to help them get through this difficult time.

How to start with an eCommerce Website

Few businesses have an online presence in the form of an attractive website. And some of these businesses now need to learn how to navigate the world of digital commerce which can be difficult for many.

Opening an online store today is much easier than it was four or five years ago. Today, you’ve got plenty of eCommerce platforms that will let you design a store within days.

The basic steps in any eCommerce website building include: 

1. Choose an eCommerce website builder 

2. Choose a domain name

3. Choose your theme

4. Create product pages

5. Create company pages

6. Set up your payments methods

7. Purchase an SSL certificate

8. Launch your eCommerce store. 

Once all the procedures listed above have been completed, you can finally present your store to the public. Promote it for your customers and start growing traffic.

We are here to help you 

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective eCommerce website, you can contact team SectorQube any time to get your business online in a few days.  

Yes! We will do it for you! We have a team of qualified e-commerce experts that seeks to shorten the sales cycle and increase e-commerce conversion rates by generating delight for visitors through exciting and appealing online shopping experiences.


Staying positive and upping the game can be crucial to keeping customers happy. Those who act to protect their business immediately and address business challenges will be the ones to survive this pandemic.

Don’t encourage your rivals to snatch your customers by looking ahead while you’re sitting and waiting for the crisis to end. Take the matter into your hands today, and build a lovely eCommerce shop. It can be to you the beginning of unimaginable business success.


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