How We Helped DailyFish Become South India’s Household Brand for Seafood


About Daily Fish

DailyFish is an E-commerce startup of Baby Marine Ventures, seafood exporters based in Kochi. Baby Marine Ventures is one of the leading exporters of marine products from India to Europe, US, South America, Japan, South East Asia, gulf, South Africa and Australia for over four decades. They wanted to provide the samem international quality seafood to seafood connoisseurs in India. They envisioned this in the form of DailyFish, an online retail seafood store.You can check out their inspiring story here which details everything about them. 


The challenge was to make prospective customers have a seamless experience in shopping for seafood online on different platforms. The company needed to establish that buying fish need not always be a ‘smelly’ business and that frozen fish is not inferior to fresh fish.  

DailyFish has a customer base of more than 1 million users. 

  • They needed an online solution that provided a seamless shopping experience across platforms. 
  • All the platforms need to be developed in parallel. 
  • The backend needed to be integrated with their SAP System.
  • They had promotions, offer campaigns, loyalty programs running in parallel. These were customer-specific and had to be decided based on specific business logic.
  • Their online store needed to sell more than —- products. 


An E-commerce platform built on Magento was the best solution for this challenge. 

  • Their target audience includes the seafood consumers in major cities of South India who do not have easy or comfortable access to fresh fish.  
  • The target audience also included the tech-savvy people who are used to ordering products online to get delivered at their doorsteps.
  • The E-commerce platform needed to include mobile apps too as studies showed that there was a significant increase in people using mobile apps for shopping online.
  • The system needed to identify the Hub using Google Places API and location fetching.   
  • The whole platform needed to follow their brand guidelines and at the same time have an excellent UI/UX so that people came back to shop more. 
  • They had promotions, offer campaigns, loyalty programs running in parallel. These were customer-specific and had to be decided based on specific business logic.


We have a point of contact for each of our clients. An Account Executive was assigned specifically for DailyFish. Like we always do for our new clients, we had an initial meeting where we studied the requirement in detail. We studied the target audience, business and revenue model etc of DailyFish and three wireframe concepts were shared for both website and mobile apps. This was approved with minor modifications.

The project plan and UI/UX were made and the features were implemented. After the first implementation, SOAP APIs were developed for syncing the order and stock details with the ERP. The Magento system was integrated to SAP to fetch these details in real-time. The website was hosted in AWS and mobile apps were deployed in respective stores. 

Why is the initial briefing important for a project?
The briefing process helps the client define the goals of the website build. By having defined goals and outcomes, the client and agency can work together to arrive at an appropriate solution. A brief helps the client to understand why the site cannot be designed in isolation of their marketing strategy.

How DailyFish used the platform to improve their digital presence and sales

  • The new and improved DailyFish website was hosted in AWS and the mobile apps were deployed in respective stores. 
  • They had promotions, offer campaigns, loyalty programs running in parallel. 


An E-commerce website built on Magento and mobile apps on both Android and iOS was launched. User experience improved and the call centre operations were optimised. The iOS app was featured at 51st position on Top 200 shopping apps in India. Check out some of the statistics for yourself. 


The website helped increase their sales by 55%. The mobile apps saw 50000+ downloads each. We provide DailyFish with continued support for the website and mobile app maintenance and make sure that the UI/UX is updated for a better user experience.


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