How we helped Kalyan Silks increase their sales by improving their website and mobile app

Kalyan Silks sales

Let us first give you an overview of how we helped Kalyan Silks to serve its loyal customers from around the world. We built an eCommerce platform that enables ordering and delivery of the latest clothing from Kalyan Silks across the world. The customers. have around 15000 products to choose from their catalogue.

kalyan silks overview

We delivered the project in a short span of 9 months by a team of six efficient developers from the Sectorqube development team. We had developed an eCommerce website along with mobile apps for android and iOS platforms that will easily cater to the lifestyle genre industry.

About Kalyan Silks

Kalyan Silks is an Indian Textile retailer. It has the world’s largest silk saree showroom network with 28 world-class showrooms in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. They wanted to provide their customers with the best and thus came the idea of building an online store for their loyal customers who could now shop at their favourite shop from anywhere in the world.


The challenge was to convert prospective customers who were interested in online shopping and at the same time give the current loyal customers who were used to the brick and mortar showrooms a wonderful digital experience.

Kalyan Silks has a customer base of more than 10 million users.

  • They needed an online solution which was accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • They also had specific requirements like overseas customers being able to shop for their loved ones back home on festive occasions.
  • It also needed to be interesting enough for the customers to keep coming back to shop more.
  • Their online store needed to sell more than 13000 products.


An E-commerce platform built on Magento was the best solution for this challenge.

  • Their target audience includes the current customers who have visited their showrooms who mostly included the older generation.
  • The target audience also includes the newer generation who shop online for their needs.
  • The E-commerce platform needed to include a mobile app too as studies showed that there was a significant increase in people using mobile apps for shopping online.
  • The whole platform needed to follow their brand guidelines and at the same time have an excellent UI/UX so that people came back to shop more.

Our Process

Process Kalyan Silks

We have a point of contact for each of our clients. So an Account Executive was assigned specifically for Kalyan Silks. Like we always do for our new clients, we had an initial meeting where we studied the requirement in detail. We studied the target audience, business and revenue model etc of Kalyan Silks. Furthermore, we prepared an initial wireframe for both website and mobile app and shared it with the Kalyan team. They approved the wireframe with minor modifications. We made the project plan and UI/UX and the features were implemented. After the first implementation, SOAP APIs were developed for syncing the order and stock details with the ERP.

Why is the initial briefing important for a project?

The briefing process helps the client define the goals of the website build. By having defined goals and outcomes, the client and agency can work together to arrive at an appropriate solution. A brief helps the client to understand why the site cannot be designed in isolation of their marketing strategy.

How Kalyan Silks used the platform to improve their digital presence and sales

  • The new and improved Kalyan Silks website is hosted in AWS and the mobile apps are deployed in respective stores.
  • They ran multiple offer campaigns through print media and converted the online traffic into sales.

The Results

Kalyan Silks Sectorqube

Ultimately, an E-commerce website built on Magento and mobile apps on both Android and iOS is live now. Check out some of the statistics for yourself.

review kalyan silks Kalyan Statistics

The website helped increase their sales by 40%. The mobile apps saw 45000+ downloads each. SectorQube provides Kalyan Silks with continued support for the website and mobile app maintenance and makes sure that the UI/UX is updated for better user experience.


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