Increase Your Sales Using Reddit and Quora? How To Create Q&A Websites?

sales using Reddit and Quora

This article will help you to increase your sales using Reddit and Quora and also helps you to create Q&A websites.

All things considered, e-commerce marketers are very much aware that sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can be utilized to generate leads.

But what about community sites like Reddit and Quora?

Despite their universality, e-commerce marketers across the business industry don’t understand that Reddit and Quora can be supreme gold mines for discovering leads and prospects.

We get more conversations from Quora which in turn leads to more leads.

In case you’re not familiar with either service, both are information and content sharing platforms that anybody can join.

What are Reddit and Quora?


If you are new to Reddit, it is an online social media community where clients vote on content. There are sub-communities, or subreddits, that any user may make that are independent and moderated by a group of volunteers. Some subreddits oblige a more specialized audience – for example, r/sysadmin and r/VMWare subreddits.

Reddit users submit connections to online content and vote on which stories and discussions are essential. Anybody can join Reddit. Anybody can participate. On Reddit, users add to message threads, making progressing discussions concentrating on a given topic.

On Reddit, users add to message threads, making progressing discussions concentrating on a given topic.

what is quora

Quora is an online website where people can post different questions they are having trouble answering. Rather than to find solutions from one individual, the site enables all users to say something regarding what they think the best answers are. 

Quora is organized in a question and answer design, where specialists on a given subject can share answers for common (or not really common) issues.

When you need to find out about something, Quora conveys you answers and content from people who share your interests and individuals who have the first-hand knowledge — like genuine specialists, business analysts, screenwriters, police officers, and military veterans.

Why Reddit and Quora are Marketing Goldmines?

However, have you at any point thought about the advantages of really creating content for Reddit or Quora?

As I stated, both of these sites are loaded with qualified leads for your business – regardless of which industry you’re in. We should investigate the numbers.

In November 2016, Reddit posted 8 billion online visits and 250 million dynamic month to month users. The site positions eleventh in the US, and 26th in the world, as far as monthly traffic.

Quora is a couple of years younger than Reddit, however, has recently exploded in terms of traffic. The site generates 200 million monthly visitors. This puts Quora inside the best 60 sites in America, and the top 120 in the world.

But, it’s not only that these sites create a huge amount of users.

The most frequent clients of Reddit and Quora have a tendency to be totally obsessed with the subjects they follow. They expect exceptionally specific, laser-focused answers, arrangements, and other such content at whatever point they sign in.

If the product or services you offer interests to a Reddit or Quora user, you have an entirely decent shot of picking up another customer.

But, you can’t simply jump into either Reddit or Quora and complete a hard sell of your products or services. Nobody will focus on you – and to win deals – you require people on these stages to focus, as well as to like what you have to say.

The most essential metrics on the gauge is to add value to these platforms. Using Quora and Reddit differ from one another yet your goals for using both are same:

  1. Accumulate knowledge from a targeted community
  2. Exhibit your expertise and gain credibility inside the community
  3. Offer to help solve the issues the community members face
  4. Forge genuine connections with potential clients and companions

Naturally, develop your user base without much hard selling (if any whatsoever). It will require some effort on your part to get in with the communities on these sites however once others see the value you convey to the table, your user base will undoubtedly explode with exceptionally faithful and enthusiastic people.

Using Reddit To Create Sales

The whole procedure of generating sales through Reddit is really as follows:

  1. Locate the right “subreddits” to focus on.
  2. Be a valued part of these communities
  3. Point clients for your product/services
  4. profit!

Quora Marketing Strategies For Super Qualified Leads

Quora is made upon the direct start that people seek on the web to find answers for their most burning questions – which somebody accessible will unquestionably be able to help.

The procedure for being a regarded person in the Quora community is practically identical to doing this on Reddit, having several key minor variations from the way.

This will focus with respect how to:

  1. Create an appropriate Quora profile
  2. Locate the right subjects to focus on
  3. Respond to inquiries inside a significant way
  4. Figure out who one of the “askers” would be the most qualified leads

Try not to Underestimate Reddit and Quora Marketing

Potentially simple on the grounds that they haven’t touched the mainstream at the standard in the way that Facebook has, Reddit and Quora aren’t generally seen as prime areas for developing traffic and purchasers.

Yet, should you do it the correct way, these two sources will enable you to build your status like an ideal leader – and accomplish thousands (generally millions) of people along the way.

How to create a Q&A Website?

The entire idea of Q&A sites depends on the opportunity to exchange the content inside a network or community. The content can contain external links, photographs, GIFs, videos and so on.

Creating a Q&A website is generally simple from the specialized perspective. However it may, it requests well-thoroughly considered UI/UX outline and adaptable database to be quick and eye-catching.

The next essential decision for you as the owner is to pick the domain name. if you have a few thoughts, you can utilize such services as Godaddy or Namestation to check whether they are accessible, and in addition purchase. The next stage is to get a business hosting. We won’t go into detail elements, simply recommend you the services called HostGator that will take care about the organization of the server and help you to install the script on it.

Talking about user attraction there are several methods:

SEO optimization-: It suggests the optimization of texts that are set on your website. These texts ought to contain keywords so that search engines could link to them and show users your site in the list of found resources in the event that their search query compares to one of the keywords that the engine recognized in your site’s content.

Social Networks-: How to make a site like Quora prominent? Utilize the power of social communities. They will assist you to generate more traffic. In this way, you can make the product page on the most popular social networks among your audience. Quora and Reddit are available on Facebook and Twitter where they publish content containing direct connect to their resources.

Obviously, you require benefit to pay the bills, pay and cover different costs. That is the reason you need to thoroughly consider the monetization strategy. For example, Reddit creates income through promotion and supported connections. In any case, a subscription model can likewise be a decent variation. On the off chance that you consolidate a few monetizations methods, you will never rely upon one of them.


In case you are thinking about the chance to build up your own particular website in this category – contact our managers to get the estimation of your idea and free consultation.



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