Is Email Marketing Still an Effective Strategy In 2019

email marketing

People often say that Email marketing is dead. That is not true. In fact, Email marketing still stands as one of the most powerful tools of marketing. Here in this blog, we introduce you the basic concepts and strategies to use email in your marketing campaigns.

Everyone hates spam. You open your email and see a lot of emails full of unwanted information that does not interest you at all. You delete and clear all these emails. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to promote your website and app. Email marketing is the most popular way to promote your website and app.

Email marketing is basically writing advertisement emails to your target audience. Today, email marketing is simple and one of the economically viable methods to inform your audience about your products and services. Email marketing is an important tool for working with your intended or target audience. You can also promote your product on the internet. It encourages direct communication among businesses and clients. The main goal of this strategy is sales growth and loyalty.

Due to the growth of social media, many experts point to the premeditated death of email marketing. However, those who share the opinion that email marketing is not effective do not understand why the strategy does not work for them because the content does not interest their audience. Despite the fact that it is hard to get information about the segments, as indicated by Ascend, 51% of marketers say that the absence of important information about their contacts frequently restricts the achievement of this too.

Another disappointment is tireless sending of emails, 78 % of the recipients claim to have canceled email subscription because they are getting too many emails (Hubspot 2016). It is necessary to reduce the number of emails and not generally be shelling individuals with information about organizations.

There is no proficiency without a planned strategy. In addition, the content being applicable, it should likewise have some call-to-action to motivate people to click where we need. Email marketing has numerous advantages related to it. When utilized properly, one can increase sales, generate new customers, and help in their retention.

Social networks need to engage people first in terms of generating leads. You can choose different social strategies by email marketing. They are as follows:

  • Commercial

    It is the most traditional and focuses on increasing impulsive behavior when advertising promotions of a new product.

  • Loyalty

    This type of campaigns aims to promote their relationship with the brand or company to retain customers.

  • Informative

    These campaigns are to inform customers about future events or to receive feedback on a particular service or product.

  • Location:

This is a strategy for informing people about the physical store’s location so that they can approach it and become customers.

These relevant content-related strategies can deliver good results for companies. Unlike in social media, email marketing has a subscriber base which is already interested in the topics sent by businesses. They can choose to open and read emails or not.

Every content in social media passes through filtrations and thereby the reach is limited. According to a McKinsey & Company study, email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media. The same study also shows that the process of purchasing takes place 3 times faster than on social media.

Statistically, there are indicators that demonstrate email marketing’s growing potential. These indicate that 91 percent of people access their email at least once a day based on surveys. In addition, they also prefer to receive business information via email. For example, an account in Mail chimp allows you to send up to 12,000 emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 contacts free of charge. You can also track the click-through rate and conversion rate using your mail chimp account.

According to certain sources, about 92 percent of internet users hold at least one email account. That is, virtually everybody has email, unlike social media where not everybody has an account that can make it difficult and minimize the reach and coverage of the desired segment.

These statistical indicators leave no room for doubt as to the potential reach of this tool, which should be included in a company’s digital strategy, since 3 out of 4 say good results are achieved through it. Among its advantages is the ability to communicate through a more personal and personalized approach. Also the ability to allow and facilitate data analysis, which in turn helps to understand whether the company’s goals are consistent with the results.

Email marketing tools also allow you to perform A / B testing. It helps you to understand which email works best, allows you to target your audience, increase awareness of the company among the audience, send emails every week or month. The recipient will remember the company, allowing you to do remarketing to reach people who have abandoned the shopping cart of the website.

The evolution of mobile devices and their increased use is one of the key factors contributing to their growth. Two-thirds of customers open their emails on smartphones or tablets. 75% of Gmail users have access to them, and responsive emails have an opening rate of 40%.

As for the 2019 trends, the use of geolocation is beginning to grow. Thereby allowing hyper-segmentation and reach people in the same area as the physical store. Video is going to be a good option to consider as it has a more positive response. Thus, email marketing is far from dying in 2019, bringing benefits and potential for companies to explore. The results will be out there with good practice and a well-planned strategy developed by successful digital marketing agencies.


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