OneSign – Worklife Simplified

Onesign-Work life simplified

For Peter, his work usually started when he reached office around nine in the morning. As a Creative Director in a Media startup, he had a lot on his plate. He enjoyed his work. But, some tasks like approvals and other trivial things sometimes took too much of his time. And while discussing this with some of his colleagues, he understood that they were facing the same issues. The secretary in their company faced the same issues. There were a lot of letters that she needed to get approved by the director. Manually sending them across took a lot of her time. The HR Manager said sorting out leave applications and other approvals also took a lot of her time. They all wished if it could be automated in some way.

We have all been in this place. Where we wished that some of our simple and repetitive tasks could be automated. It could save us a lot of time and money. This is a great solution for our normal work life. But, much more needed is right now. When most of the countries are in lockdown and when most of the companies had given their employees mandatory work from home. We now understand that working from home doesn’t tamper with our productivity. And at the same time, having solutions like an automatic approval system which can be accessed remotely would be an added benefit.

An Automated Approval System: How does it work

It is quite simple. Let’s assume that you are Mark, one of Peter’s colleagues and you are sending an email to the Director regarding postponing an important out of town meeting which was scheduled for the upcoming week. With everyone under lockdown, there is simply no way of scheduling a face to face meeting at the moment. The meeting could be conducted virtually, but, the client insists on a face to face meeting later. But, you need to get Peter’s approval first and then the Directors. Usually, you would have sent numerous emails back and forth for this approval. But, with our Automated Approval System, OneSign, you can do it pretty quickly.

All you have to do is raise/ create a request in the OneSign panel and mark Peter and the Director since they are the ones who would be approving your request. Peter and the director can login to OneSign panel, view the request in detail along with the supporting documents and approve the request with their comments. OneSign also sends these signatories the request one by one via email. They can even approve from their mobile email client if they can’t access the OneSign panel via their laptops. You and the respective signatory marked in the request will be able to see the responses from the previous signatories and attach required documents. You will also get the final report in your OneSign panel and your email with the necessary attachments and comments from Peter and the Director.

What if you are the secretary and you need approvals from the Director or if you are the Finance Executive and need approval from the HR and Director before giving the monthly salaries for the employees? OneSign helps you too. Similar to above, you create a request, add signatories and get their approvals and comments and voila, your work is done in less time. It is indeed great that you can now automate simple tasks like these so that you can have the satisfaction of ticking another thing off your list of tasks.


We sure are living in uncertain times. If you would like to know more about OneSign, feel free to get in touch with us. We hope that while working from your homes OneSign helps you in finishing your simple tasks quickly. After all, technology is there to aid us with our daily life, right? We also hope that you are staying at home and practising social distancing. Take care of yourself. Stay Safe.


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