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Do you know how many number of programming languages are there? No? There are roughly 600 programming languages. Some of them are difficult some are simpler to learn, some are relic and some are just developing. But, every one of them is unique. Having such a wide variety, it is in some cases so hard to choose only one. Also, a few languages will turn out to be much more prevalent in the upcoming years however, some would take off. If you need to get a good career and discover what is the best programming language of 2018, remain with us.

To end up as a successful developer (and I am certain that you need to become one if you are reading this article), you have to pick a technological stack to master. The wrong path is to pick the most highest-paid technology. The correct path is to evaluate your insight (the information and experience you have as of now matter a considerable measure) and discover a tool which you like. In the meantime, it should be a popular technology, not an extinct one.

we’ve categorized our best programming languages in 2018 into 3 classifications,

1) Best Backend Programming.

2) Front-end web development languages.

3) Languages for mobile applications.

Most Promising Back End Programming Languages In 2018.

1) Java

James Arthur Gosling, a Canadian Scientist, and his group were building a set-top box and began by “cleaning up” C++. But, abruptly they ended up with another language. They named it as Oak. Yet, today we know it as Java.

There is also a story of its nomenclature. Java legend has a big oak tree that grew outside the developer James Gosling’s window. It was eventually changed to Java by Sun’s marketing department when Sun lawyers found that there was already a computer company registered as Oak.

Java is an object-oriented, multi-purpose technology. Developers utilize it to build server-side and desktop applications, computer games and other programming frameworks. Software engineers like it on account of its speed and safety. That is the reason why the technology is so famous in the banking and financial industries

Java isn’t a simple language to begin with. if you are a total beginner, you will discover the technology very complex and massive. But, it’s still easier than C language. Also, It’s a well-paid occupation. As per, one of the world’s greatest job posting platforms, the normal compensation of a Java specialist in the United States is about $100,000 every year (!). Solid inspiration right?

There are a couple of reasons to learn Java in 2018. The most obvious is that IoT frameworks depend on it. Java gives network portability that is the reason it fits IoT ventures the most. Also, as we probably are aware, IoT is a huge trend in the coming years.

The other factor is that Java Virtual Machine enables Java to be executed on the equipment and working arrangement of any sort. This reality makes Java a standout amongst the convenient and versatile back-end web development languages.

2) Python

Python was developed in the late eighties and early nineties by Guido Vann Rossum at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in Netherlands. Python is an object-oriented, interpreted high-level language which is designed to be highly readable. Python is an extraordinary language for beginner level software engineers and supports the development of an extensive variety of uses from simple text processing to www browsers for games. Python supports structural and functional programming methods as well as OOP. Python can also be easily integrated with other languages(C, C++, COM, ActiveX, Java).

The other justifiable reason is that Python is the most loved technology for scientific projects. It is the principle technology used as a part of Machine learning and Data Science platforms, which will only continue with their development in 2018. Sites like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, and Bitbucket depend on Python. if you need to begin learning it directly, you can discover course on Udemy or Codecademy.


Yukihiro Matsumoto, a software engineer who made this language, needed to build up a technology that would be more object-oriented than Python and Perl. He completed his language in 1995 and it was precisely what he needed it to be. Ruby has a decent, clear language structure which makes it appealing for beginners. To function as a Ruby engineer you have to know Ruby on Rails. It is the principle framework of Ruby.

Numerous predicted the death of Ruby. They trusted that NodeJS would have its spot. However, they weren’t right. With the fifth version of the structure, designers got such huge numbers of astounding highlights (like Action Cabe or Turbolinks 5) that it gets another phase of its improvement and fame. In 2018, this bloom won’t blur away. That is the reason you can think about the language as a choice.

Ruby is extremely an exceptionally mainstream language, Airbnb and Twitter were made with its assistance. Udemy stage offers an online Ruby course, or you can likewise visit Codecademy website to begin learning in this mainstream backend language.

4) PHP

Most likely there is no need to introduce this technology. Since it is the most popular server-side technology in the world. Hypertext Preprocessor (or PHP) is a server-side scripting language intended for Web development, yet in addition, utilized as a broadly useful programming language. It was initially made by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.

Nearly 250 million sites are written in PHP. The language is portrayed by the high adaptability and execution. It also gives a high state of security. There are a lot of frameworks for PHP language which gives engineers an extensive variety of alternatives.

Still, the principle fame PHP picked up in view of WordPress. It is the most well known CMS framework. What’s more, this reality influences us to trust that in 2018 PHP won’t be overlooked. Around 80 million sites in the world rely upon WordPress and they aren’t going anywhere. This reality ought to influence you that PHP will gather momentum in the up and coming year.

Some of the websites built in PHP are Yahoo, Facebook, and Wikipedia. If you believe that it is the best back-end web language and the best option for you, you can visit codecademy or Learn-PHP online course.

5) C#

As you most likely know, C# was made by Anders Hejlsberg in 1998-2000. The technology was particularly outlined in Microsoft organization for its needs and tasks of the .NET stage. However, since then, it is also widely used in video game development. Furthermore, a few engineers figured out how to utilize it in the mobile development of iOS applications and the Android stage with the assistance of Xamarin framework. In 2018 C# will just develop its prominence due to computer games and Microsoft organization, which make interest for the language. Everything sounds fascinating, isn’t that so? However, don’t take rushed choices, C# is considerably more hard to examine than Java.

The famous projects written in C# are Photoshop, Skype, Microsoft Office, Paintbrush and numerous others. You can discover the best courses from Udemy platform but it is better to learn C# from scratch.

Front-end development languages to learn in 2018

If you want to learn a front-end programming language, we give you a list of some promising languages you need to pay attention to. Some of them are not new still these proved us their viability in 2018.

6) HTML and CSS

To be completely honest with you, these are not languages by any stretch of the imagination. They are the base of every front-end outline and most likely two of the oldest front-end technologies. We chose to combine them in this block since they work intimately with each other and more often than not are utilized by one specialist. You may have suspected that if they are old (the principal version of HTML was distributed in 1991 and the primary CSS was framed in 1996) they are excessively old for the advanced world and that they can’t fit every one of the criteria of an upcoming site. Considering all these things, you are incorrect. The most recent forms of HTML and CSS are exceptionally unique, adaptable and intense.

Obviously, a large number of ready-made design templates let individuals everywhere throughout the world make beautiful looks for their sites with no programming abilities. In any case, if a client needs a remarkable, eye-getting website composition he or she should discover a HTML and CSS specialist. And big companies always want something outstanding, just take a look at EyeStyles, Assos or Museum of the World websites, all of them are created with the help of HTML5 and CSS3. In the event that you are prepared to begin your educational program, begin Udemy HTML5 course or Thankful course to learn CSS3.

7) JavaScript

JavaScript is the most normally applied front-end web language in the world. It is also the most required language on Github. The explanation behind its prevalence is that JavaScript enables you to make gorgeous, interactive front-end part of a website or an application. JS is likewise so renowned because it’s a cross-stage technology. Designers utilize its various libraries to make work area, versatile and web applications.

The two most prevalent libraries in JS are React and Angular. Did you know that ReactJS was made by Facebook and AngularJS by Google organization? React is less demanding to learn than Angular and is more prevalent among newbies. if you know about JavaScript however you are tired on creating front-end, you can concentrate on NodeJS, it’s a platform for server-side development.

The stage is at the peak of its popularity and 2018 will just proceed with this tendency. The most renowned sites which utilized JavaScript for their front-end are Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, New York Times, and Dropbox. if you chose to pick JavaScript, you can visit Udemy webpage or

Most popular mobile app development languages in 2018

In spite of the considerable number of arguments we’ve said above, we as a whole know exceptionally well that mobile applications will command in 2018. That is the reason we likewise need to pick the best programming language for mobile applications. The most well known mobile operations platforms are iOS and Android these days, so if you need to create mobile applications for them, you should remain with us.

8) Swift

Swift is a young programming language created by the organization Apple. Since its first release in 2014, it increased mind-blowing support everywhere throughout the world. The most significant favorable position of Swift is its fantastic simplicity. Apple planned its own mobile programming language in such a way, that even youngsters can learn it quickly.

Before Swift, all iOS apps(except cross-stage ones) were composed in Objective-C. The creators of Swift took all the best from Objective-C and eliminated the cons. What they got is a more secure language with much clearer syntax structure and numerous more features. The other incredible news is that Swift isn’t finished yet, which implies we will see lots and lots of new extraordinary features there soon. The best sources to learn Swift are, and Udemy online interface.

9) Kotlin

Kotlin is also a young mobile development language (first released in 2016) and it additionally isn’t finished. Just like Swift, Kotlin was made to simplify the development of Android applications process. Before Kotlin, all applications for Android were composed in Java, an unpredictable and huge language. Not at all like Java, Kotlin is a modern, more laconic language which is easy to begin with.

What you most likely didn’t know is that Kotlin is perfect with JavaScript which enables Kotlin to be utilized for both front and back-end development.

We are sure, you’ve got lots to think about. All the technologies above are going to bloom in this year and brings joy and money to those who know them. If you have any questions or doubts on the topic, you can comment below. we would love to hear from you!


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