Qsafe: The Smart crowd Management System for your Store


The world is slowly coming to terms with this global pandemic COVID-19. Places are reopening. Cities are being unlocked. Not because it is safe. But, because our economy needs to survive. As a store owner, you take all the measures mandated by the government while reopening your store. Your employees follow all the protocols mandated by the government. You also make sure that the customers coming into your store are wearing masks, sanitise before entering your store and maintain a safe distance with other people when they enter your establishment. But, would that be enough? What if a lot of customers come to your store at the same time? How will you manage them? 

What if we told you there was a safer and smarter way to manage the customers coming into your store – Qsafe! 

What is Qsafe? 

Qsafe is a token booking application which you can provide your customers so that they can book slots to visit your store. This way, they will know your store is safe to visit. Also, the whole setup just takes 10 minutes. This is one of the easiest ways to boost your business safely in this post-COVID-19 situation. 

Why Qsafe? 

● Easy booking page – The booking page will have your store details and the available slot timings. Customers can choose a convenient slot and input their details. Verification is done via mobile number and the slot is booked. They will receive a booking confirmation via SMS and you can view the bookings in the administration panel. 

● Easy verification – Your store manager can log in and view the bookings for the day. They can verify the bookings when a customer walks in with the SMS that was sent with the booking confirmation. 

● Easy setup – The booking page can be set up in your server in less than 10 minutes by adding your store locations and slot timings. You can add different slot timings for different store locations. You have the provision to disable or enable slots once the setup is complete. 


Times are changing. You will be forced to adapt to a new normal post-COVID-19. The best time to act is now. And now is the time to provide a better and safer solution for your customers who walk into your store. Qsafe helps you serve your customers better and boost your business. You can share the booking page URL with your customers so that they can book a safe visit to your store. Schedule a demo to check out the Qsafe system here. Let’s make the future better together! 


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