Revamping your website: The why and how. And some tips.

Revamping your website

So, you have a website. But, it is a bit old and has some outdated designs. Your conversions/sales have decreased. You have even received some complaints about the user experiences and designed related issues. If you feel you can relate to this, it is high time you revamp your website. 

We did it too. 

They say ‘change is inevitable’. As a website development company ourselves, we wanted to make sure our website followed the new trends in technology. We wanted something simple which could guarantee a smoother user experience and better results. 

We wanted to share our website revamp journey so that the path to your revamped website is easier. Let’s check out the Why, When and How of revamping your website.

Why do you need to revamp your website?

  • Your website is Old and Outdated

You haven’t changed your website in the past couple of years. Your customers feel like they have gone back in time. And some have even complained to you about the bad design-related issues. Then it is high time you changed the user experience. You don’t want to showcase your brand as something which doesn’t care for your customer’s online experience. Let’s not even go to the security concerns that come with having an outdated website. If you have functions like online payments on your website, it is always better to make sure that your customers feel safe using your website. 

  • Your sales/conversions have decreased

Your sales have reduced gradually over the past couple of months. The bounce rate is increasing. You see your competitor’s website doing better than your website. One reason could be poor user experience and bad SEO of your website. 

  • Your brand has changed/evolved

Your brand has evolved. Your target audience has changed. But, you still have the same website. Your customers visit your website to find something only to see that the website is offering something else altogether. Your website is your online face. It is the first contact people make with your brand. You want the first impression to be the best and for that, you need to make sure your website is always updated based on the current design and technology trends.

  • Unresponsive

You do not want to have an unresponsive website. Most people online check out everything on their mobile-first. A broken website, a longer loading time, etc when a customer checks you out online, is a strict no-no. Many a time, they don’t come back to check out your website on their laptops or desktops. You don’t want to lose sales that way. That’s heartbreaking. Okay, not so much. But, still. It is like you couldn’t even show up for your blind date on time. 

How to revamp your website?

  • Analyze your existing website

Study your existing website. Do an SEO audit. Find out the flaws. Identify your priorities and define your target audience. Find out which pages your customers frequent, what is missing, your weak points, etc. Make sure you check out all the subdomains, inbound links, redirect links, etc. Hang on to some of those inbound links and make use of the strengths of your existing website.

  • Set realistic goals and timeline

Sit down with your design team and list down the features you want, the design elements you want to keep/ change on the website. List down the goals and write down the reason why you want it. Things like these take time. So make sure you make a realistic timeline. Be consistent. You need your website to last you a good couple of years without making drastic changes. You should be able to easily update it using the existing framework. 

  • Develop and launch your website

If you don’t have a team of designers and developers and marketers handy, it is best to let the pros do their job. You don’t want to be doing a not so good job with your website revamp by doing it as a DIY project. You want a stronger website with better results, not a mediocre website. Make sure you partner with an agency that understands why you need a revamp, your competition and will work on this like it is their own baby. Boost your brand to a new level by planning a relaunch today.  

Now that you know how and why you need to revamp your website, here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Personalization

Like we mentioned earlier, your website is your brand’s face online. You want it to be unique and following your brand guidelines. The colors, fonts, graphics, tone, and voice of your blog articles should show off your brand’s personality. Make sure you have some eye-catching visual features and elements. This catches customers eyes quickly. If you have illustrations and videos on your website, that would be great. Use contrasting colors that cannot be found anywhere else on your website to make your customers notice certain areas. 

  • Chatbot

Customers want to support it. And they need it now. Chatbots help you reach out to your customers when they are browsing your website. There is a higher chance of impressing them and converting them. A chatbot won’t be a replacement for human support, but it helps you to answer the queries your customers might have while your service agent is offline which is a plus. We love Drift here at SectorQube by the way. 

  • Blog, Analytics and SEO optimization

Build a blog, if you haven’t done that already. Content marketing is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website. Give your customers quality and they will love and trust your brand and keep coming back for more. You want your customers to find you through organic search, so make sure you SEO optimize your website. You can check out more about it here.

Also, make sure you add heatmaps, scroll maps, referral maps, user recordings, and A/B testing tools on your website. You need to make sure your revamped website is performing well. Voice is the next best thing. So you should also consider optimizing your website for voice search. 

We revamped our website

We know that revamping websites can boost conversions and sales. In conclusion, here is why and how you should revamp your website: 


  • Your website is Old and Outdated
  • Your sales/conversions have decreased
  • Your brand has changed/evolved
  • Unresponsive


If you want us to help revamp your website, feel free to get in touch here.


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