Staying Fit During a Lockdown

Staying fit during lockdown

Rita used to wake up early in the morning every day and hit the gym near her locality. Being physically active helped her focus on all aspects of her life. She looked forward to working out every morning and starting the day on a happy note. But, all came crashing down when COVID-19 happened and the country went into lockdown. Everyone was advised to practise social distancing and fitness institutions and gyms had to follow suit. Even the smaller gyms and swimming pools in apartments were closed down to curb the spreading of COVID-19.

How the world of fitness is facing the lockdown

In the last decade, people started focusing more on fitness. A lot of fitness studios and gyms started opening up across the world. There are a lot of fitness studio chains which are quite popular like Cultfit, Equinox, etc. Physical trainers helped people with their workout goals at these places. These places also employed cleaners, receptionists, nutritionists, yoga practitioners, etc. Initially, when social distancing was commenced, the fitness studios mostly reduced the number of people in a session and cleaned the equipment frequently. However, when lockdowns were announced in most countries, these fitness studios had to close. Most of the fitness studios work on a membership basis and they were looking at their annual revenue plummeting this early in the year.

Most of the fitness studios had to let go of some of the employees, or let them go on paid/unpaid leave, give online classes via whatsapp, skype and other video calling applications. And since most of the customers are stuck at home with no proper workout equipment, it is difficult for them to maintain their fitness journey. People fear this may affect their motivation and mental health adversely. Certain fitness studio chains have used their mobile applications to tackle this. Pre recorded workout videos are provided via the mobile applications so that the customers can still follow their workout regimes. Some of the fitness studios have extended the membership for customers without additional costs.

How the world of fitness could change after the lockdown

Some of the fitness studios already have mobile applications and websites which provide online classes and consultations. These can be live sessions or pre recorded guided workout sessions. As more and more people are working from home these days, they require exercises to keep them fit and motivated. And these online sessions help them out a great deal. There can be different types of mobile applications that these fitness studios can provide. Free applications similar to FitOn, paid applications like that of Cultfit, or fitness applications that combine with diet plans like Healthifyme.

Depending on which revenue model they want to go with, these studios can choose the type of applications they can provide their customers. Fitness studios and gyms can collaborate with fitness wearables like Fitbit, Apple watch, etc to track details. We might see an increase in the sale of fitness equipment as more fitness enthusiasts set up their own home gyms in case such an unforeseen situation arises in future. We will be also seeing a general sense of awareness about fitness in people.

What you can do during lockdown for your fitness

If you are someone like Rita and are looking to continue your fitness journey at home with limited equipment, here are few tips for you:

  • Download a mobile application which provides workout sessions you can do at home.
  • Start practising yoga.
  • Follow 10-minute workout sessions which include burpees, squats and pushups.
  • Clean your home.
  • Walk inside the room, do jumping jacks, etc.
  • Dance and burn calories.
  • Do gardening if you have the resources at hand.

Make sure you consult a physical trainer or doctor via phone before working out if you have any health issues.


Lockdown has affected numerous industries and the fitness industry is no exception. Right now, one cannot access their fitness studios or gyms to continue their fitness journey. At a time like this, fitness studios and gyms have to come home via mobile applications or video calling applications. Fitness is required to keep your immunity game stronger and for overall well being. So, be like Rita and continue your fitness journey even when you are at home. Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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