Streaming boom: The Other Side of the Virus

Streaming Boom

It seems like the whole world is now being forced to sit at home. Going to movies with friends and family is an activity that a lot of people miss. And with almost all of us spending more and more time indoors, more and more people are watching TV or streaming their favourite shows on different platforms. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, etc are just a few which are being used by people every day now. We have been posting about how different aspects of our lives have changed because of the impact of this pandemic. And we wanted to end this series of posts on a lighter note by discussing how our viewing habits are impacted by this situation. 

Current scenario

Nobody was prepared for this pandemic and when people were forced to suddenly start social distancing by staying indoors all the time, the whole world started looking for activities they could do indoors. And in no time people started binge-watching TV series they were waiting to catch up on or rewatch their favourite movie with their loved ones. Disney is catering to their audience by providing their favourite Disney movies, Marvel movies, Star Wars movies, etc on Disney+. We are sure this will be a much-needed relief to families with little kids who can get restless and bored pretty quickly. 

People are streaming entertainment, educational and recreational content on different platforms. Binge-watching is on the rise. That means that the active users in streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc have increased considerably. ‘Contagion’ a movie and ‘Pandemic’ a docuseries became very popular on Amazon Prime and Netflix after people came to know more about Coronavirus. New movies and shows are being released on these platforms every week. Our current favourites are Dark and Money Heist on Netflix. We are also rewatching our favourite Marvel movies on Disney+. (Who wouldn’t like to rewatch them, right?) Tell us what you are binge-watching right now in the comments below.

What the future looks like

People are going through stressful times now. And spending more and more time streaming their favourite shows and movies online. This will change their viewing habits. Instead of a gradual increase in the number of people streaming content online over the years, there is now a drastic change where people are forced to do only that. Once people start getting back to a new normal, traditional cinema is going to see huge changes. 

Final thoughts

There are different ways everyone has been trying to cope during this pandemic. Remember to stay home. Do different activities to keep yourself occupied. Read a book, catch up with your loved ones via calls and chat, workout, cook your favourite dish, learn something online if you want, play board games or online games, watch TV or stream your favourite movie online, take a break now and then. Relax. Do things that help you stay sane while being confined to your space for a long period.

We are all in this together and we will overcome this together. We hope the posts from the past few weeks have helped you. We share the links to those posts below so that you can find them easily.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries. We would love to help you out. Stay home. Stay Safe.


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