The Impact of COVID-19 on Technology

The impact of covid-19 on technology

Most of us are right now experiencing drastic changes in our lives. We’ve entered into yet another week of lockdown. Most of us see a change in our lifestyle where our work has intruded into our personal space and the boundaries of both are now pretty much tangled. We now perceive that the virus has no geographical, political or religious boundaries. It is affecting the whole of mankind equally and has made us realize how interdependent we are. However, we still have hope. We are tackling the virus one day at a time. And technology has helped us do that to a huge extent. In this post, we will be discussing the impact of COVID-19 on technology.

Technology to the rescue

To practice social distancing, countries are enforcing lockdowns which helps them curb the spread of Coronavirus and flatten the curve. We are living in a world that is far more technologically advanced than when we faced wars and epidemics which has helped us stay connected even now. That means most of the companies that have the privilege of remote working are resorting to the same. You might have read about how technology has helped different industries during this pandemic, in our previous blogs. And by now, you might be aware that industries like eCommerce, retail supermarkets that provide essentials, healthcare sector, etc are seeing high demand and technology is helping them in overcoming COVID-19. Below are a few impacts of COVID-19 on technology as an industry:

  • We are seeing an increase in demand for remote working technologies as more companies are resorting to remote working.
  • There is an increase in cloud-based infrastructure services.
  • The need for a faster and safer access to data will speed up the adoption of 5G.
  • Launching of new products by technology companies and mobile companies will be delayed.
  • There is a significant increase in the usage of teleconferencing software.
  • Technology companies focusing on the education sector will see an increase in demand for software that aids online courses.
  • Most industries will now focus on digitally enabled work tools and the respective technology providers will see an increase in demand for the same.
  • Post COVID-19, we might see a decrease in spending on computers and communications equipment.

Final thoughts

These were just a few impacts of COVID-19, the technology industry is going to face. We would be happy to hear your thoughts on this too. Feel free to mention them in the comments. Post COVID-19, we will be going back to a new normal where consumer behaviours will see a drastic change. Technology industry needs to evaluate the current scenario and aid in uplifting the other industries to survive COVID-19. An economic overhaul looks like a possible scenario we will be facing. Technology will play a crucial role in helping the world survive it. Let’s hope that better days are in our future and that we are well equipped to tackle any unfortunate events. We need to think of technology as a solution and as a catalyst for change in our future. But for now, let’s stay home and stay safe.


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