The Power of a #


Our earlier post discussed how a viral hashtag got a terminally ill Marvel fan an early screening of the Avengers Endgame movie.

In this post, we will discuss the 5 simple ways in which organic hashtags can improve your social media marketing.

1) Hashtags help you boost your profiles and posts

Hashtags are a great method to increase the organic reach of your social media posts. This is because a hashtag is searchable and they are clickable too. Hashtags help us to find relevant content and conversations and it also helps you to place your content in front of your ideal audience.

We can even follow specific hashtags on Instagram, which helps to increase the visibility of your post and stories. Social media like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram allow hashtags in your profile biography, which helps your profile pop up in the related searches, increasing your visibility.

2) You can search and join conversations in social media

You can search hashtags which helps to find relevant topics or trending topics which you can take part in. You must always make sure you research the trend before taking part in it.

Taking part in a trending topic gives your brand or business a great exposure. There will be many people creating content and conversation around the topic. Make your presence in the trending topics, holidays, national events, themed hashtag days, and/or local happenings.

3) Create your own Branded Hashtag

Creating a campaign-specific or branded hashtag can help in so many ways. First, it helps in your branding, also it can help you to monitor the success of your campaign. It also enables you to monitor user-generated content.

So for what reason is this essential? Following the hashtag performance of your campaign or your branded hashtag will tell you how well your campaign is getting along regardless of whether you are getting more reach and brand awareness. Monitoring user-generated content is useful on the grounds that you can repost this content, which helps with your social media posting plan.

4) Build a Community

A hashtag is an excellent idea to build a community which is online. People can find each other and build relationships with the help of using hashtags- one example is the communities build around twitter chats.

Every week individuals appear to learn, and talk about thoughts dependent on the chat they participate in – and they locate each other by utilizing the event hashtag. What’s more social than that? (Other than meeting in person obviously). Hashtags are a great tool which can help you incredibly enhance your social media marketing. They do require time and research, however, the value they can convey to your social media strategy will be justified, despite all the trouble.

5)Drive Event Engagement

Hashtags are incredible for driving engagements and conversations amid occasions.

Participants can post about what’s going on (extending the reach of your event), they can interact with one another, and the speakers and participants can likewise exploit the event hashtags by keeping everybody updated on session data, and getting interactive with inquiries or surveys dependent on the event happenings.

Make sure to outwardly represent your hashtag, alongside any suggestions to take action, on event materials, on screens at the event, and by verbally requesting that participants share using your event hashtag. Get social media news like this in your inbox every day. Subscribe.

Make sure you use the correct hashtags. It’s all about the audience when you share content on social media. What value are you offering? what’s in it for the audience? Why should they engage with your posts? If you don’t have answers for these questions, then it’s better not to share your content with social media.

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