Top UI Trends For Your Product In 2018

Top UI trends in 2018

You never get another opportunity to make a first impression. This is the reason why UI configuration is so vital for any task. This is the thing that potential clients see when they open your site or a mobile application for the first time. It is a face of your business, your face.

As indicated by Google, 26% of all installed applications are utilized only once. The principle explanation behind this is poor UI. To draw in clients into your interface, you ought to take after the latest design trends.

Is it important to follow the new UI design trends?

First of all, yes it is important to follow new UI trends. You need to understand that trends in development and in fashion are two opposite phenomena. And the most recent trends in UI development are centered around visual pleasure as well as on the ease of use and convenience for a customer. If you apply them carefully they can convey loads of advantages to your product.

Here are some of them:

1) Improves Mood

There are lots of studies about colours and how they influence a person’s mood. Some of them make us aggressive and some other way around. At the point when users see a pleasant picture, they can even smile without noticing it. This is our task. We need our clients to smile or feel peace and harmony when they open our site or an application. A visually engaging design can make a charming and engaging atmosphere which holds customers attention for a long time.

2) Create Trust

If your website or a mobile application looks extremely proficient and polished, customers will trust you more. It goes subconsciously, they trust if you give careful consideration to your website (or an application) you will pay that much attention to your products and services. That is the manner by which you’ll get greater credibility.

3) Make App Easy to Use

One of the Biggest principles in a design development process is to make the interface perfect and ordered. It is easy to use in such cases. Why? This is because such designs reduce the need to process data manually.

The Latest Web UI Trends

1) Seamless interface

The main purpose of this trick is that all the content is kept on a page and is loaded when a user click on it, without any page advances. A user doesn’t leave the landing page and all the data is pulled to it.

2) Typography

Large headlines and gigantic fonts in combination with smooth animation are the trends this year. All that makes your website unique and perfect. The website will look exceptionally appealing even without other content like videos or images. The Typography would simply be the content. In 2018, a mix of Typography and animation will turn out to be significantly more mainstream.

3) Gradients

The gradient is a smooth progress starting with one colour to another colour. The retina of a display enables you to see the completion and excellence of colour. With a little movement, we get the delicate transitions.

4) Custom Illustrations

In 2018, another important trend is the quality of illustrations. It will end up being a huge trend, as quality illustrations increase the uniqueness of the site and set a specific style. The most vital rule is to not only use unique images but also high-quality ones. If a user sees standard illustrations on a site, they will intuitively choose that all your content isn’t extraordinary at all and they won’t discover anything new here.

5) WebGL

It’s a javascript library that deals with the rendering of 3D illustrations. Its application guarantees you a high speed of a page loading. In addition, it enables you to utilize unusual forms of interaction with a customer on your site. Only on Awwwards, there are around 582 sites made with the assistance of WebGL library, which is more than WordPress or Jquery library.

6) Videos

Great video is always an extraordinary thought for your website but now, you can utilize it like never before. Videos work surprisingly better than animation with regards to users’ consideration captivation. We can state without any doubt that in 2018 video content will end up significantly more famous than photography. It can be well effortlessly clarified by the way that videos are easy to share and they rapidly become famous online by means of the web. Along these lines, it is extraordinary compared to other UI patterns to draw in users to your site as well as to your brand and company also.

It would be awesome if the video materials will be of the same style as your web platform. In this situation, it will compliment your website. Yet, this applies just to the remarkable videos, made extraordinarily for this undertaking.

You can pick one or numerous patterns for your website redesign, anyway, recollect that the general population you enlist for this activity must be experts. Something else and your site will appear as though it was created by a child.

The Latest Mobile UI Trends

The mobile business moves forward as well. if you need to be on top you have to make your app look awesome. Obviously, it is difficult (and extremely costly) to take after all the most recent versatile UI patterns, anyway, even small rearrangement can draw in lots of users and present to you some additional profit. In this way, trust me, you’ll get back every one of the ventures if you consider the new versatile UI patterns we listed beneath.

7) Less UI more UX

UX patterns and rules are something you should stick to constantly. If you need to construct a worthy mobile application design you should combine the simplicity of utilization with a perfect and helpful interface. The primary lead you should remember is that UI should be effective, not just excellent.

8) Interactivity

The mobile app design you make ought to interface with users and react to their activities. in another word, Every component a user can cooperate with needs to give smooth input without unforeseen changes.

9) Soothing colours

The current UI trend is to say no to bright colours and give preference to calm colour pastel. This influences your application to look refined and cool.

Top UI trends in 2018

Reasons to redesign UI of mobile or web app

If our trends haven’t motivated or inspired you for an entire app or website redesign then our next explanations should do it very fast. Let’s find out some reasons why your mobile app/website may require redesign.

1) The UI of your product is overloaded

Your plan should look moderate, so if it has a lot of components on one screen/page — you ought to reevaluate its appearance. If you are not clear or you aren’t sure, you can request your users to rate your design.

2) You want to make your product competitive

There is just about 3 million mobile application in Google Play, heaps of iOS applications and websites. Consistently new, beautiful products show up available which implies that you need to work extremely difficult to remain above them. If you investigate the absolute most mainstream and normally utilized applications and sites which exist for quite a while, you’ll see the tendency that every one of them stay aware of the occasions, their plan and usefulness changes periodically offering users new, more helpful methods for interactions with these products.

3) Your Product is old-fashioned

Simple as that! if your application or a website was created a couple of years back, it is old and its plans are outdated. What’s more, you have two alternatives. If your site or application is focused on old or moderately aged individuals (the category of people who hates changes) at that point you should abandon it as it may be. In case you target kids, adolescents, youngsters, business people or other socially dynamic individuals, at that point, you have to refresh the UI of your product.

4) Your product works slowly

This is the thing that disappoints me the most. If I need to sit for more than 5 seconds I simply leave a site or delete an application. The vast majority of the people do the same. We don’t like to waste our time so it is simpler to discover another item which works faster. If you claim a website and aren’t sure of how your site speed stacks up, GTmetrix can be very handful for you. Here you can not just observe the weak sides of your website yet additionally check the site of your competitors to see the full picture.

Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s trash. it doesn’t imply that you need to take after all the most recent UI drifts and update your application or website every month or year. You need to listen to your audience, give them all tools to get in touch with you, rate and remark your site or application and they will disclose to you when the time has come to inhale new life into your product. If you need a redesign in your app/website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We know how to make your products look marvelous.


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