Washing Clothes from your bed is the best idea ever!- Introducing IFB Voice-Enabled Washing Machines

Voice-Enabled Washing Machine
India's best Voice-Enabled Washing Machine

A Voice-Enabled Washing machine. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

IFB Appliances, India has launched India’s best Alexa controlled washing machine with features that put other leading brands to shame. IFB has been the frontrunner in producing quality washing machines in India. They brought out India’s first front-loader washing machine and now they have put zoomed past competition with IFB Senorita ZX – the Wi-Fi washing machine.

What is so big in it? You might ask. Well, have you ever felt the need to start your wash while you are in traffic because well, you get water in your home at odd timings? Have you ever wondered which wash program to choose and ended up choosing the one that sounded most normal? Don’t you think it is time we changed all that and got washing machines that made our life even better? That is exactly what IFB Senorita ZX will give you.

Alexa and Google Home

You can control Senorita ZX using your Amazon Echo or Google Home; it tells you whether your wash is done or not. You don’t even need to go to your washing machine. Here are some commands that you can use with your IFB Senorita ZX.

Alexa/Google Home Commands:

Alexa commands
Alexa commands

IFB Xpert

 IFB Appliances has been offering the IFB Xpert feature for over two years now and it is one of the most useful features I have even seen for any product. Ordinary washing machines have preset wash programs created when the machines were developed. You never get an upgrade even if you missed it by one day. Feeling unlucky? Not anymore. IFB Xpert is a feature in the My IFB app that creates a custom wash program for you when you choose what clothes you want to wash. All you need to do is input the clothes that you will put in the machine and let the My IFB app do the rest. The app will calculate the water temperature, spin speed, rinse and spin timings required to clean your clothes in the most efficient way. All with a single click!

IFB Xpert
IFB Xpert

IFB Store – the one-touch order

 IFB’s store section in the My IFB app(Android & iOS) allows you to place an order for IFB Essentials – wash liquid, descaler and other such products – with ease. Senorita ZX also features a one-touch detergent order button on the machine that places an order to the IFB Store when you press a button. That is IOT at its best!

Together, Senorita ZX and My IFB app offer a very advanced user experience. For the Indian user who has not received a proper upgrade on the age-old washing machine technology, this is God-send.

IFB Store – the one-touch order
IFB Store – the one-touch order

Remote (Internet) mode and Direct mode

 Senorita ZX operates in two modes – Remote and Direct. In Remote mode, we connect the washing machine to your home Wi-Fi router. You may control the washing machine from your smartphone with My IFB app installed. The app constantly updates you on the wash progress and informs you if any intervention is required in case an error occurs. In Direct Mode, you connect your smartphone with My IFB app(Android & iOS) directly to your Senorita ZX washing machine by connecting to the hotspot that is created by the washing machine. To create the hotspot, all you need to do it press the Wi-Fi button on the washing machine for 3 seconds.

To close, SectorQube is excited to have worked on such a path-breaking product in the Indian appliances industry. We look forward to working on more such products that break the conventions and offers a superior experience for the users.


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