Web Development Trends for 2019

web development trends
web development trends of 2019

Every year, Web development trends tend to make some major and minor changes. Therefore, it is completely necessary for every technology-driven decision-maker, to be aware of two main reasons: to sustain in the ever-rising competition and to polish the knowledge.

To help you save time and get you a concentrated list of web development trends in 2019, we have analyzed the recent market demands in different fields of IT industry and created this blog based on the same.

To have a quick look through the main points, here is the list of web development trends for 2019 that we have included in this blog:

1. Responsive websites

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

3. Voice search optimization

4. Progressive Web Apps

5. AI-powered Chatbot

6. Push notifications

7. Motion UI

8. API-first development

1)Responsive websites

Although the latest web development trends are populated with recent technologies like PWA and AMP, relatively older ones like responsive web design are still on the scene.

The only difference is that earlier it was a good feature to have and now it is a must-have feature. A majority of users today prefer mobile devices to other devices.

Therefore, Google is considering adding mobile-first indexing. It means a website’s ranking will now depend on how well it is optimized for mobiles.

2)Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has taken certain steps to enhance the mobile browsing experience. It initially introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages trend to the public way back in 2015 and now it’s one of the most adopted and important trends of web technologies.

AMP technology, in simple terms, is to create or build websites that load instantly and works smoothly over mobile devices. AMP has a loading time of about 2 seconds whereas it is a non-AMP page could take up to 22 seconds.

As Google prefers fast-loading websites, AMP pages can help increase a site’s visibility factor and thus contributes to higher positions in Search Engines Result Page. This technology is also great for SEO.

3)Voice Search Optimization

Another trend you cannot afford to overlook is Voice search. Voice searches already have a great impact on web users. As per researches, by 2020 about 30% of all searches will be done using voice.

Subsequently, voice commercial sales are expected to grow gradually by 2022. Considering various studies and real market situation, voice search optimization will be the web development trend no one can ignore.

It will become a part of our SEO and technical strategy soon. Early learners will definitely stay ahead of future competitions.

4)Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps is a standout amongst the most significant trends in web development.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that utilizes present day web capabilities to deliver an application like experience to users.

Progressive Web Apps are:

  • Reliable – Load in a split second and never demonstrates the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions.

  • Fast – Respond quickly to user interactions with animations and no janky scrolling.

  • Engaging – Feel like a characteristic application on the gadget, with the immersive user experience.

This new dimension of value allows Progressive Web Apps to win a spot on the client’s home screen. Mobiles dominate over other devices such as tablets and desktops.

Besides, there is a genuine gap between utilizing mobile applications and mobile browsers. To be exact, applications account over 80% of the general time users go through with their devices.

Some of the world-known companies that have effectively constructed PWAs are Alibaba, Forbes, Twitter, The Washington Post, and so on. These companies mark the following outcomes from PWA system adoption: Increase in conversions and a decrease in load time.

5)AI-powered Chatbot

The corporate world has made its striking mark on various parts of the world. But they work in different time zones. This fact affects the successful execution of efficient customer service mainly considering the 24/7 support which is necessary in this case.

Studies reveal that people make use of chatbots for getting a quick response in an emergency or rather for resolving complaints, and so on etc. Recent Web development trends are shifting towards automated and quick responsive client support.

AI Chatbots and machine learning are proving to be worthy for a long-term investment in this respect. They can respond to queries, quickly connect with the human client assistants, book order, etc.

Now let us list you some open-source bot building technologies from famous tech giants:

  • Botpress
  • Rasa
  • Botkit
6)Push notifications

Push notifications have proved to be a powerful tool in upgrading the overall marketing efforts of the company along with user experience. Although mobile apps usually have flexible functionalities for user notifications, web applications score here as well.

Push notifications are used on web apps to deliver different information to users (e.g. post a reminder, items back in stock, recent offers etc.) Moreover, the best part is you can achieve all this without even registering and providing credentials like email.

This provides additional channels for companies to interact with their target audience and gives additional marketing opportunities.

Here are some of the few solutions to enable browser push notifications:

  • Amazon SNS
  • Carnival.io
  • OneSignal
  • Kumulos
7) Motion UI

Every new invention tries to be as engaging and appealing as possible. For capturing users’ attention with beautiful animations, Motion UI library will be the best option.

It can be used to animate design elements with elegance and helps developers play out their way. The library is flexible enough and can work with any JavaScript framework, which in turn makes it a great option for several cases.

8.)API-first development

Current patterns in website development suggest that web solutions must be arranged for connectivity with different applications.

It is nothing unexpected, thinking about the rise of mobiles, wearable, and different gadgets that ought to coordinate with each other. That is the place where the tendency for API-first improvement approach originates.

What is wrong with the traditional approach? When a company focus is to build a web or mobile solution, they usually do not consider API improvement. Best-case scenario, it comes as a side project that probably will not be properly designed and tested.

Another issue of the traditional approach is a time-consuming API configuration process, which increases development costs, market service and entry time.

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