Why SectorQube is the Frontrunner for IoT in Home Automation

Iot home automation

You are sitting in your office on a hot and humid summer afternoon. And dreading going back home because your home is going to feel like an oven when you reach back. Your wish to have a great cozy evening seems like a distant dream. You would need to reach home and then switch ON the AC and wait for it to reach your preferred temperature before enjoying the said cozy evening. What if we told you you could have your cozy evening all set as soon as you enter your home? It is now possible to do just that because of IoT or the Internet of Things. You just need to turn ON your air conditioner while leaving from office via your mobile and your cozy evening will be all ready by the time you reach home.

What is this Internet of Things?

In simple terms, the Internet of Things or IoT is objects or devices which are connected via the internet and which are able to collect and exchange data that could be accessible by other objects or devices if needed. Didn’t get it? Let’s take an example from earlier. You were able to control your air conditioning remotely via your mobile. This is possible because of IoT. As long as you and your device or object are connected to the internet, you will be able to control the same from anywhere in the world. Sounds awesome, right?

What is the role of IoT in home automation?

Anything that can be connected to the internet and communicate with each other can be a part of IoT. The same goes for home appliances too. IoT in home automation is basically modifying your home using modern technology. Home appliances are made to perform tasks automatically. Earlier homes used to be places that had electricity and water and provided shelter. However, as the number of second-generation homeowners grew, so did the concept of home. Home became a place where you were comfortable and everything was convenient and peaceful.

The home appliances industry catered to this aspect and the world welcomed gadgets that were smarter and provided consumers with solutions never seen before. As mentioned earlier, these smart home appliances/ gadgets can interact seamlessly and securely via the internet and can control and monitor accessibility from anywhere. These smart home automation devices have interfaces with IoT which enables consumers to use home automation systems based on IoT. These home automation devices include smart lighting, smart electronic appliances like fans, geysers, washing machines, etc and smart TVs and other appliances.

How we helped IFB develop India’s best voice-enabled washing machine

IFB Appliances, the leading appliances manufacturer in India, partnered with SectorQube to build India’s first IoT washing machine. We built an app to realize business requirements along with the necessary connection hardware. The user can control the washing machine that is connected to their WiFi router remotely. The machine will automatically create service requests based on reported errors. The user can order washing essentials (detergents, softeners) right from the app based on their usage. The intuitive app and connected machine bundled together. enabled by IOT, delivered a user experience that the Indian consumers have never before been offered.

Get your home appliances connected

There are a number of cogs in the system that gets your appliances smart and connected. However, the key part is building those cogs the way that best suits your organization, products and business model. A generic IoT platform and an over the counter IOT hardware will not do the deal and can in time be a hassle for your business adding up high overhead costs and creating bad user experiences.

Why custom build the system?

The major IoT platforms that are widely used are made for a generic user base that connects small sensor-based devices. Moreover, these devices are connected to a central hub which is then connected to the server. This works for a large number of devices on the field or large machinery that is controlled from a remote location.

A home appliance operates on a different set of principles. The owner is the user who needs not to be a techie to understand the nuances but demands the best user experience out of their device. The manufacturer should be an overseer who is brought in for troubleshooting or to offer an experience upgrade for the user. The device should, therefore, communicate with the user as well as the manufacturer for their respective roles.


From what we know, home/office automation is going to be a huge part of what we now call the next industrial revolution. Moreover, with the advent of technology, it is now easier to connect your devices safely and securely to the internet and control and monitor them. The world is becoming a convenient place and IoT is here to make our lives much easier. And, if you are looking to turn a device into an IoT device, you are at the right place. However, feel free to contact our team here so that they can help you out. Be future-ready!


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