Why your business needs an AI chatbot

AI Chatbot

A man falls in love with Samantha, the AI assistant of his operating system.  This was the plot of a science fiction movie Her, released in 2013. Though it was termed fiction, we could see it become a reality, thanks to the recent developments in bots.

Chatbots have influenced and revolutionised the very method we communicate with online businesses. Chatbots have penetrated into almost every industry – be it Travel & Tourism, eCommerce, Banking, Health care and like. With more and more companies jumping on the chatbot bandwagon, the technology has evolved faster than ever providing end customers with a seamless experience.

By seamless, it is almost as if a novice visitor might not recognise that a bot is giving them replies. Bots have begun to communicate in a simple natural language just like how a normal customer agent will converse about the services offered by the company. 

In simple terms, a chatbot is a program that works based on different rules or AI. It is powered by machine learning so that it can respond to written or spoken human conversations and deliver a service. The more the users interact with the chatbot, the more it learns and the better it gets at its job. The purpose of the chatbot is to support business in their relation with the customers.

Top Benefits of a Chatbot

AI Chatbot
  • Engage and excite customers

Customers love exploring technology and they are amused by the fact that, a bot is answering their queries just like how a human does. Chatbots can keep customers engaged especially if you have set the humour slider at 40%. By adding humour to your interactions, you are respecting the customer’s feelings and intelligence.

The company should, however, take care that their chatbot is bug-free, works flawlessly across different devices and provide proper answers to the user’s queries. Millennials, the target group that holds a large buying capacity, prefers to chat rather than talk to a customer agent. There lies the key advantage of having a chatbot.

  • Cut down cost

As per reports by Chatbots, Magazine businesses will have 30% cost savings if they implement a chatbot. When a business grows, the customer support team will have to expand and the cost will keep adding up. Companies usually will have to invest a lot in training these executives. While chatbots, on the other hand, are a one-time investment, it can handle multiple customers at the same time.

  • Always online

The chatbots unlikely humans do not need sick leaves or tea breaks, it will be available for service 24×7 with almost zero maintenance. Chatbots work even while the actual customer agent sleeps and there is no limit to the number of conversations it can handle simultaneously. Thus, your business is online always.

Where to integrate a chatbot?

Chatbots can be the front of almost every customer-facing business if properly trained. It can help visitors know about your business, sell products, raise support tickets and even collect payment from the user. Ecommerce websites, customer care portals, online service platforms, etc. can integrate a chatbot to help their customer out. The bot can decide whether a customer needs to be routed to an actual human agent or to provide them with the required service by itself. This reduces human workload and hugely increases the efficiency of your business.

SectorQube works on developing, integrating and training custom chatbots for your business. The company is focused in helping you deploy chatbots that provide the same care that your human agents shall provide to your customers. Be it your online store or your service portal; let us make your visitors feel that they have come to the right place.

Being an accomplished Mobile App Development Company, we can make complex bots as indicated by your business needs and implement Chatbots on your websitesmobile apps, and social media pages.


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