You should check out these IoT devices from CES 2020


If you are a tech enthusiast you might be aware of CES 2020 – the biggest tech show of the year – happening in Las Vegas right now. CES 2020 is the 53rd edition and this is the first time media gets to preview all the gadgets and devices that will be released throughout the year. So what is CES 2020? CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and is a show put on by the CTA formerly known as CEA, Consumer Electronics Association. 

CES is known to be the hub for showcasing the latest technology trends in mobile, television, automotive, gaming, audio, VR technologies. 

Here are a couple of innovative products we found interesting in CES 2020.

Juno Cooler

Juno Cooler

A microwave that can cool a can of beer or soft drink in a couple of minutes? That’s interesting. Juno is what we can call a reverse microwave. It can also chill a whole bottle of wine in like five minutes. You can set presets and select how cold you want your drink to be. 

We are sold. Juno uses thermoelectricity technology to remove heat away from your drink. 

Akram Boukai, CEO and co-founder of Matrix, said: “Juno is the ultimate consumer demonstration of how our cooling technology can radically alter the way we manipulate temperatures.”

Lumi diapers

Lumi diapers
Source-The Business Journals

Lumi diapers are a lifesaver to parents. Pampers unveiled Lumi. Lumi is a connected system that includes two activity sensors for the diapers, a Logitech camera fashioned into a Wi-Fi baby monitor and an app. With Lumi, it is now possible for parents to get more data about their child’s first year. It does not just notify when the diaper is wet, it also tracks the babies sleep which we are sure all the tired parents would love. The WiFi monitor not only works as a baby monitor, but it also tracks the humidity and temperature and serves as an activity sensor. Pamper’s app lets parents check out the child’s behaviour. Since the diapers are only available till size four, this means that this can be useful for the first year. 

The Lumi system includes two packs of diapers and is expected to launch this fall. Pampers offers replacement by subscription and in their select stores. The pricing hasn’t been released yet, though Pampers has mentioned that the pricing will be in line with its existing lineup. 

Ballie robot

On 6th January 2020, Samsung unveiled Ballie, the rolling robot. It is a tiny ball-shaped AI device. It rolls around the house and responds to commands like a pet. Who wouldn’t want this? It uses a mobile interface, AI capabilities, voice activation and in-built camera. This helps in recognizing and responding to its users and helps with various tasks. It responds to voice commands and its use cases could include alarm settings, fitness assistant, record instances, manage other smart devices etc. Ballie also adheres to strict data protection and privacy standards. AI truly is the future of personalized care. 

Something which interested us is the fact that it is said to resemble the BB-8 droid character from the Star Wars franchise. Now, that, we can get behind. 

Yummly smart thermometer

Yummly smart thermometer

Nope. It is not a thermometer you can eat. Yummly’s smart thermometer is a completely wire-free thermometer which will eventually be able to adjust an oven’s temperature automatically. It consists of a probe and a dock which communicate with each other and a mobile app via Bluetooth. The probe can monitor the temperature of the food and the temperature inside the oven using sensors kept at either end. The cooking temperature, type of meat and how well the food needs to be cooked can be adjusted via the app and the app will alert you when the food is ready. It also lets you know how much time is left until your food is done and adjust the time if you change the temperature or open the oven door. The dock is battery powered and is used to charge the probe and is placed next to the oven and has a range of 150 feet. That means the app can send you alerts even if you are in another room.  

Whirlpool, which is Yummly’s parent company, is planning on integrating this smart thermometer with select ovens and recipes on the app. That could mean that the oven will automatically adjust its temperature and cooking style. That’s pretty cool!

ANOVA steam oven

ANOVA steam oven

We are pretty interested in household appliances if you haven’t noticed already. The Anova Precision oven caught our eye. It is a countertop steam oven. ANOVA can cook with steam or convection or both and will be available for shipment from 2020. It will be connected to Wi-Fi and will have a mobile app for controlling cooking time and alerts. We are waiting to hear more about the oven and will update once we know more. 

So these were a couple of the IoT devices which caught our eye at the CES 2020. We are pretty sure these are going to rule the IoT trends 2020 as well. So tell us if you got to check out the IoT devices mentioned at the CES 2020 and let us know what interested you.  


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